Three Lions On The Shirt


H/B in D/W – 373 pages – 16 pages of b/w photos – ISBN 0-575-06704-7 – Published by Victor Gollancz – 1999 – Book is in good condition. Dust jacket has 2 small tares on top and on spine. Wrapped in plastic wallet with old sticker mark from a price tag.

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From Stanley Mathews to Bobby Moore to Michael Owen, all the icons of the English game have worn the famous white shirt. It is those players and those achievements that make the shirts special and still make England the nation the rest of the world want to beat.
‘Three Lions On The Shirt’ is a history of the England team throughout the last century. From back in the days when players received a match fee of 10/- for an international, and were selected from the likes of Wednesday Strollers and Clapham Rovers and Darwen, through the post-war humiliation at the hands of the USA and Hungary to England’s finest moment in 66; from the disappointment of the seventies and eighties to the relative renaissance of the nineties, Dave Bowler chronicles the vicissitudes of a team lambasted and worshipped by equal measure.


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