The Best Game in the World, Terry Venables


H/B in D/W – 226 pages – ISBN 0-7126-7723-2 – Published by Century Books Limited – 1996 – Book is in good condition. Dust Jacket has small srease on top of inside flap, otherwise good.

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The English game is back. The European Championships have shown that English football is a match for anything the Continent has to offer. Culminating in his own personal account of the European Championships Terry Venables, universally acknowledged as the best coach in English football, here talks about the art and science of the game as it has developed since the War, and his vision of how the English game should develop in the future.
hr talks about the great players and teams of the past – and what made them great – and even picks his own fantasy team. How have tactics developed? Terry Venables discusses which team formations work well against which others, and reveals the latest state-of-the-art thinking on strategy.


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