The Heavyweights, The definitive history of the heavyweight fighters




For more than a hundred years men have fought for the right to be called the heavyweight champion of the world. This is the story of heavyweights since gloves were first used for world championship purposes – a story of those who succeeded, like Jack Dempsey, whose rise from the hobo camps to Jazz Age Hollywood brought to life the American Dream; like Joe Louis, whose dignified twelve-year reign changed the sporting world. like Muhammad Ali, who rose above sport itself.
This is also the story of those who tried and failed, some like Harry Wills and Sam Langford, who were shunned because of the colour of their skins; some whose opportunity was the result not of their talent but of a promotional quirk – like Jack Roper, who was minding his own business, working on a film set when the call came to fight Louis; likw


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