My Greatest Fight


H/B in D/W – 191 pages – 16 pages of color and b/w photos – ISBN 1-85158-844-2 – Published by Mainstream Publishing – 1996 – Overall in good condition.

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In ‘My Greatest Fight’, Ken Gorman scours both sides of the Atlantic, talking to stars of the past and present to expose the fascinating revelations of Britain and America’s finest boxers. Evoking unforgettable memories of triumph and despair-and tragedy-he tells of the incredible first round when Marvin Hagler met Tommy Hearns in Las Vegas; of the broken heart of Welsh wizard Howard Winstone, cruelly robbed of a title he so richly deserved; of the triumphed that turned to tears when Nigel Benn plundered his victory over Gerald McClellan in a contest of such furious intensity that it almost ended in the American’s death.
Boxing never ceases to surprise and Ken Gorman uses all his skills as a seasoned fight reporter to bring you the sport’s greatest moments.$0 boxers describe their greatest fights.


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