H/B no D/W – 194 pages – 12 pages of b/w photos – 215 x 140mm – PUBLISHED by STANLEY PAUL & CO LTD – 1ST EDITION – 1964 – Book is ex-libary, but there is only half a label inside. Otherwise book is ok.

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Terry Downes was nicknamed “The Paddington Express” because of his aggressive fighting style.He was a very capable fighter with a solid punch who became the best Middleweight fighter in Britain during his time in the ring.He also performed well against the ageing, yet still talented,best Middleweights in the World and won the Middleweight Championship of the World, the Middleweight Championship of the British Commenwealth and the Middleweight Championship of Britain during his career. During his career he defeated men such as “Sugar Ray Robinson, Joey Giardello,Paul Pender,Don Fullmer,Lew Lazar,Pat McAteer,Phil Edwards,John McCormack,Calos Van Nesta,Jimmy Beecham,Willie Green and Tony Montano.

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