Muhammad Ali : In Perspective


S/B – 176 pages – Fully Illustrated – 1st EDITION – 1996 – ISBN 0-00-225189-2 – PUBLISHED by COLLINS PUBLISHERS . Book is in good condition overall.



It wasn’t easy, doing what Ali did in Atlanta. But this is a man who,all his life, has come up with one incredibility gutsy performance after another. There was no way he could beat Sony Liston. So he went out and beat Sony Liston. There was no way he’d give up his title. So as an act of principle, he gave up the heavyweight championship of the world. Every time the world thaught Ali was out of miracles, he come up with another one. Three billion people were in love with the man, even if it was just for a moment, all the hate and petty prejudices were removed from their hearts, and their hearts were filled with love for this man Thats a miracle in itself.

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