Encyclopedia of Boxing 7th Edition


H/B in D/W – 287 pages – 16 pages of b/w photos – 220 x 140mm – ISBN 0 7090 0656 X – PUBLISHED by ROBERT HALE LIMITED – 1983 – Book and Dust Jacket are in good condition.

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Here is the latest edition of the book which has already provided so many boxing enthusiasts with answers to innumerable queries and helped settle all arguments about records.
Although this volume is crammed with anecdotes, facts and figures, no important record is lost, because the author has taken great pains to arrange them in alphabetical order and include liberal cross references and indexing.
Who was the first man to win three world titles? Turn to the W’s and the answer is in detail under World Titles.
Which boxer gained most knockouts? Look under “Knockouts” (Most). Who was the first coloured boxer to win the world’s flyweight title, or any other world title for that matter? See under “Coloured Boxers”. How are points awarded? See under “Points” What is the solar plexus punch and who was the first man to perfect it? See under “Punches”.
All these and a host of other questions are answered in this book which provides hours of absorbing reading as well as being an ever-ready reference book for years to come.
In addition “The Encyclopedia of Boxing” includes a pen picture of nearly all the boxers who have won a World title and all British title winners. that means 500 different boxers entered in alphbetical order, apart from many more whose names appear under the various other data.

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