Claret and Cross-Buttock or Rafferty’s Prize-Fighters


H/B in D/W -150 pages -B&W photographs -published by Wilmer brothers limited -1976 -A little worn around the edges but in good condition for age.

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“Roll up ! Roll up! Two shillings to any man here who seeks the privilege of tappin’ the claret of Peter Robinson”.
On a good day Rafferty – who changed his name to Robinson because he was an escaped convict, sentenced to death after a literal fight to the death-might has as many as twelve or fifteen fights,but normally it was he who drew the blood.he ran his own travelling boxing booth,which in the 1850’s was just on the right side of the law that forbade pugilism and open air bouts.Rafferty hired the cudgel-men,the sword masters and the clog-fighters,but he saw to all the wrestling and the bare fist fighting himself-not to mention the fighting dogs,fighting cocks and even fighting bears.


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