Boxing Babylon


H/B in D/W – 269 pages – many pages with b/w pics on – ISBN 0-86051-714-4 – Published by Robson Books Ltd – 1990 – Book and Dust jacket are in good condition.

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Throughout boxing’s long and tumultuous history there have been many heroes of the prize ring – legendary figures who have captivated the imagination of the masses. From the early bare knuckle days of the eighteenth century, many of boxing’s fabled heroes have risen from humble beginnings to achieve fame and fortune through the power of their fists and, more often than not, they squandered their hard earned rewards on high living – ultimately sinking back into the same squalor which spawned them.
For many true boxing legends the glory of victory, was quickly superceded by physical and mental ruin, illness and sometimes tragic death. Some were involved in crime; some were murdered; some committed suicide. Many seemed irrevvocably lured to their doom by an unquenchable thirst for hedonistic pleasures, unable or unwilling to escape the cycle of debauchery.
In ‘Boxing Babylon’ Nigel Collins takes an indepth look into the dramas, scandals and tragedies surrounding all too many of boxing’s great names, revealing the reasons for this self-destructive behavior in the courageous and outrageous men who place their lives in jeopardy every time they enter the ring.


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